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Fishnet Glovelettes

Fishnet Glovelettes
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Pirate Pixie Teen Costume

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Includes leotard and wrap. Does not include wings, tights, sword, gloves or boots.


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Material: Polyester
Care Instructions
General Information Weight=00.80 and Color(s)=
Manufacturer Ly & Le Sewing Contractors
Category Adult Costumes

Cheap Pirate Pixie Teen Costume

Dressing up for special occasions has always been lots of fun!, not only boasts a wide range of quality costumes for children, but also for adults. We have an exciting range of Adult Costumes, which will make your day even more special! Browse our catalog and see for yourself! One of our latest additions to the Adults Costumes section is of Pirate Pixie Teen Costume. This ensemble has become an instant hit and people across the country are ordering it. If you also want to get your hands on our Pirate Pixie Teen Costume, you better order before it is gone! With Pirate Pixie Teen Costume, you will make heads turn!