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Pin-the-Candle-on-the-Cupcake Game (Pastel)

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Includes 25 1/2' high x 20' wide fabric banner with 14 fabric candles.


Product ID: 43340


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Product Number #43340
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General Information Weight=00.90 and Color(s)=
Manufacturer PRIME TOYS CO.LTD
Category Birthday Party Supplies

Cheap Pin-the-Candle-on-the-Cupcake Game (Pastel)

Did someone say party? Well, we are here to make your party special with our exciting and fun Party Supplies like Pin-the-Candle-on-the-Cupcake Game (Pastel). Parties are a great way to celebrate and enjoy with our loved ones, and we know how to make your party a hit! offers an exciting range of Party Supplies that will make your event all the more special. Decorate your party with our latest Pin-the-Candle-on-the-Cupcake Game (Pastel) and become the most popular and trendiest host around! The Pin-the-Candle-on-the-Cupcake Game (Pastel) is an excellent party supply, which will add the special oomph to your party!