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Nail Polish, Glow In The Dark

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Clear, easy to apply, glows in the dark and under blacklight as well. Can be used alone or over colored nail polish. Note: Ingredients used are recognized as safe. May stain some fabrics. Application: Nail polish may be worn alone or on top of colored polish. To wear alone: apply a base coat of clear polish to nails first. Glowing: Expose nails to light bulb for a minute or two. Note: The longer nails are exposed to direct light, the longer and brighter they will glow. The glow effect fades, but can be renewed over and over again. Removal: Remove nail polish with nail polish remover. Not intended for use by children under 14 years of age.


Product ID: 1511


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Material: Various
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Cheap Nail Polish, Glow In The Dark

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