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Black Venetian Feathers Mask

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This half style mask is Black with Gold accents and feathers. The mask has an attached, rigid plastic, 'U' shaped headband which allows the mask to swivel down over the face or up over the head.


Product ID: 17171


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Product Number #17171
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Cheap Black Venetian Feathers Mask

Hats, Wigs & Masks - things that are used both for practical and fun purposes. We have an intensive collection of all three accessories (hats, wigs, and masks). Whether you are looking for special hats of famous characters, different colored and types of wigs, or various character or different kinds of masks, we have got them all for you, right here at One of the latest additions made to our Hats, Wigs & Masks section is of Black Venetian Feathers Mask, which is already selling out like hot cakes! Black Venetian Feathers Mask has turned out to be an instant hit, since it is a high quality accessory which is really cheap in terms of cost. Get Black Venetian Feathers Mask for yourself too and change your style this time around!